The use of honey has its roots in the first human settlements that are known by records of archaeological discoveries dating from 7000 BC. It is also known that there is written mention in Sumerian tablets (tablets written in the language of an ancient city called Sumaria), which are dated approximately between the years 2100-2000 BC These are mentioned the use that was given to this product for its nutritional characteristics as medicinal.


Honey has been considered one of the oldest medicines and in many ethnicities it has been prescribed as a medicine to cure burns, or sunspots. In particular, the Egyptians used it for the preservation of corpses and empirically demonstrated that it has a high antiseptic power, as well as healing and healing of wounds. Nowadays it is popularly used for therapeutic purposes, for example for sore throat, therapy for infected ulcerative legs, earache, etc.

Take care of what you eat, where it comes from and which way did he go, only then will you take care of yourself and take care where you live, where we all live.

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